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Welcome to Tinga Tinga Arts Co-operative Society (TACS)

Tinga Tinga™ is one of the most famous African brands which was established by the Tanzanian artist Edward Tingatinga in 1968. Twenty years later in 1990, the family of Edward Tingatinga registered Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society (TACS) which produces popular art products under the trade name Tinga Tinga™. TACS has been licensing its intelectual property worldwide for more than 20 years. Among its sub-licensees are BBC, Walt Disney, Penguin, Heye, FIFA and many others.

To buy paintings or licenses, please visit www.TingaTingaStudio.com

For information about Tinga Tinga, we recommend www.TingaTinga.info

interior of tinga tinga cooperative
The main building with more than 300 m2 accomodates both space for gallery and workshop