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More than forty years after his death, Edward Saidi Tingatinga, the founder of Tinga Tinga art style, remains one of the most influential figures in contemporary African art. Tingatinga’s work inspired hundreds of painters in East Africa including George Lilanga or David Mzuguno. TANART developed a website where you can see and buy some of these artists' paintings

Tinga Tinga Paintings: Sale

But Tingatinga's impact is much deeper. Today his vibrant imagery is used in licensing projects by companies all over the world, such as Walt Disney, BBC or Penguin. And here, even you can license some of the Tinga Tinga images

Tinga Tinga Images: Licensing

When E.S.Tingatinga passed away, he left behind his daughter Martina and son Daudi. They were only 2 and 6 years old. Now they want to preserve the legacy of their father. Together with TANART, they started to certify the Tinga Tinga paintings.

Tinga Tinga Paintings: Certification

TANART and the children of Tingatinga wish to bring you the best experience of Tinga Tinga art. Part of the effort to continue the legacy of E.S.Tingatinga is to offer this website as platform for our licensing and certification program as well as for publication of articles and research about Tinga Tinga.